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Once thought to be creatures of evil, demons largely feel offended about their reputation. With a similar but less powerful ability to glamour themselves like fae, they can look like mundane humans, but normally often have solid black, red, or blue eyes. They often have large horns as well. They are particularly skilled in the art of lying, persuasion, and teleportation, and can possess other creatures with ease. They can willfully leave a creature after possessing them, or can forcibly be exorcised. Unfortunately, with a summoning circle they can also be summoned at will. Simple circles are easy to break out of, but powerful circles built by mages can trap a demon until they do their summoner's bidding.

Demons live extended lives, but can be killed by normal means, and can be particularly wounded by "holy water", which is not particularly special but is water blessed in sunlight or with salt, by priests or by mages who know the spells. Some wonder what that means about priests, who are not truly knowledgeable about the actual existence of real demons, though.

Notable Character Canons

Lavern Tse is notoriously well known for being a traitor to his own kind. A demon who works as a demonologist, he feels an immense guilt for the number of innocent people his father has slain, and trades information on murderous demons only to hunters he knows have no intent to kill all of demonkind. He refuses to deal with those who simply want to exterminate demons.