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There are multiple kinds of humans in this universe of course, both mundane and magical as well. They all look like normal humans but have varying abilities, some innate, some learned. Humans can have up to two "sub-species", with the exception of mages - the Academy is very strict and only allows in mundane or Gifted students to become mages.


There is nothing special about mundane humans. They cannot detect or perform any kind of paranormal activity without witnessing it with their own eyes.


Witches are humans born with minor magical abilities. These abilities aren't as strong as those humans with single focuses like mediums, clairvoyants, mages, etc. but they aren't limited to just one focus and dabble in all if they so desire. They do still have to study or practice from time to time to keep up their skills. Making potions is one skill that witches excel at that otherwise only fae are known for.


Mages are humanes who have studied one of three schools of magic and have learned to channel and harness a power to do their bidding. This is something that must be learned and is not something you are born with an ability to do. Technically speaking, anyone can learn to be a mage, but usually The Academy will only allow in mundane humans or gifted.

Hypers (or hypersensitives)

A hyper is a person who experiences all senses to an extreme. They can hear and smell things from very far away, their sense of touch is greatly enhanced, and they can see things very crisply and vibrantly. This is often seen as both a blessing and a curse. Enjoyable things like good food and sex can be ten times better, but riding the subway can be even more of a nightmare than it already is. Anyone can spontaneously become a hyper at any point in time, and its not known why. It is often overwhelming and can lead to seclusion and the breakdown of relationships.


Mediums are the human counterpart to a geist, having made a bond with them as an agreement to stay alive. They don't always make the agreement willingly, sometimes doing so under false pretenses or doing so because they don't really know what's happening. From then on forth they can see and interact with spirits of any kind. They can also sense death in a more general sense, and can tell when someone is actually undead.


A lucid (slang derived from "lucid dreamer") is someone who can not only control their dreams but can also travel into the dreams of others who are sleeping nearby. They can influence them to some extent but do not have total control over the entire dream, just their own actions within them and some of the environment. It is unknown how or when people become dream walkers, but it seems to happen at a relatively early age, though many people go the majority of their lives without ever knowing they are entering the dreams of other people.


Able to briefly see into the future, clairvoyants have a much sought-after gift. The future is not always set in stone though, and the visions clairvoyants have may not always be totally accurate. This leads to a lot of accusations of all clairvoyants being scam artists, which is certainly not the case. Many clairvoyants see the future in dreams, but others have them in visions that interrupt their day, or see them in other signs as they go about their day to day lives. They often are born with their gifts but go their entire lives without knowing it, just always having a sense of unease and not knowing why until they realize many things they predict seem to come true.


Many times an item can have a strong connection to its past that most people are unable to see. Someone who is psychometric can see this past upon touching an object. It is presented in the form of a brief vision that can include previous ownership and events that happened around it. Strangely, this ability generally does not present itself until after adolescence.


Someone who has the gift of Panacea has powerful healing magic at the touch of their hands. A bit of a misnomer, Panacea does not cure all disease, but can heal physical wounds. Usually, this gift only makes its first appearance in a moment of trauma. It is a highly-revered ability in the world of magical humans.


The Gifted are those who are telekinetic, telepathic, and can "blink" (or teleport short distances). These are sometimes referred to as "the three Ts". Some people can do just one, but most gifted can do all three on a small basis. Gifted are born this way, and many are forced to hide this secret their whole lives under accusations of being mentally ill their whole lives by their families.

Notable Character Canons

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