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Werewolves, the shifters who change from human to wolf monster on the full moon. While they do turn on the full moon at no choice of their own, werewolves can also turn at other times, often without meaning to if their adrenaline is too high. With enough practice though, they can learn to prevent this. Turning on the wrong moon is particularly painful for a werewolf, moreso than normal, but otherwise serves no negative consequences.

Werewolves, unlike commonly thought, do not operate in packs or answer to a clan . There is no ruler of werewolf society, and most wolves are solitary, though some fo form bonds and rarely some families live in packs. There is only one unspoken rule, and that is to not bite non-werewolves. To bite a human is to turn them into a werewolf, which is a painful process many die during. Vampires are unaffected by werewolf bites, presumably due to the vampire virus within their blood, and undead, demons, and spirits are also unaffected. No one has chanced a fight with a fae, if only because a werewolf is unlikely to survive the wrath of fae magic, so probably don't try it. Even given all of this, accidents do happen. Mistakes are made. Revenge gets the better of some. Werewolves can be born, but werewolves can also be made. A human who is bit and survives the painful process of their first turn best be kept under the watch of an experienced werewolf, because god only knows what they will do when the wolf takes hold of their mind.

Werewolves look more monstrous during their first turns, but as they learn to handle themselves their appearance becomes more wolf-like. It may feel like another being has taken over them entirely until they learn to manage the beast within, and over time and with practice they will completely reign it in and it will be like a second skin. The wolf will simply be another version of themselves, just another body for their same person. The wolf form can look different from person to person, with different fur colors, different muscle tone and markings. Some may look more like coyotes or foxes, others more like dire wolves. But one thing all werewolves will tell you is that their first turn felt like some uncontrollable monster took over their mind and all they wanted to do was kill.

Werewolves can be harmed by silver, and not just bullets. Any instrument that is made from silver and pierces their skin can cause damage. They can also die by any human means, and live only slightly longer than average lives. A side effect of lycanthropy is extreme strength, even in human form. Even more extreme than vampire strength. Outside of that, werewolves also tend to get a gold hue to their eyes, and a crispness to their laughs that almost is reminiscent of a dog's bark.

Notable Character Canons

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