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Spirits are those who have departed but for some reason have not moved on to the afterlife. This is usually because they are either in denial about their deaths, or have business they vehemently want taken care of before they move on. They may not necessarily take the form of a human, but may be as vague as a wisp, or take on the form of something more monstrous. There are also multiple kinds of spirits that exist.

All spirits cannot be seen except by mediums, other spirits, or any undead.


These spirits are just as described above, usually those in extreme denial, and generally speaking do not bother anyone.


A geist is a ghost who has formed a bond with a human (who becomes a medium once the bond is formed). These geists are generally ghosts who have been stuck between worlds for a long time and have decided they want change. Usually, they form a bond with a human for one of several reasons:

When the veil between the living and the dead is thin and a living person is experiencing a near-death trauma, a ghost can go to them in a vision and attempt to form the bond. Forming the bond will bring the human back as a medium - they are not technically undead as they have not yet died. From there on forth the ghost will be bound to the medium as a geist, only able to go where the human goes. They can travel within about a 50 foot radius from the medium and can pass through solid surfaces. They can also choose to not appear at all and just remain a constant presence in the medium’s head.

Like all spirits, a geist may be the form of a human, or may be something else. It may be a vague consciousness, some horrific ball of emotion, or a sapient thinking creature.

Though a geist and medium can communicate silently, it’s very difficult, and it is easier for a medium to speak out loud. However, this can get tricky, as if a medium is in public, this can draw attention given non-mediums/spirits/undead cannot see or hear the geist. Geists can hear other mundanes speak, but are unable to respond. They can try, but only particularly powerful geists can also possess objects (such as spirit boards) or even other mundane humans (very briefly), similar to a wraith, to try and communicate if their medium is for whatever reason incapacitated.


Wraiths are the spirits of particularly powerful people or supernatural creatures that are vengeful and refuse to move on. While some of them go on to become geists and terrorize people with the help of a medium, others are powerful enough to terrorize others on their own through hauntings. They tend not to travel far from where they died and often frighten people to death.

Notable Character Canons

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